Found on the side of a dumpster in downtown Utrecht

“Back to normal? Normal was the problem”

Notes from the lower lands

In a way, our sabbatical had prepared us well for this moment, this pandemic and all the ensuing unexpectation that follows. You can say that we’ve unknowingly been training for this particular moment, when we have to be content with the uncertainty of the liminal space we are in, with not knowing what the future holds for us, with the new constraints that are suddenly imposed on all of us.

It’s time to be slow / Lie low to the wall / Until the bitter weather passes.

We’ve traded our muddy trekking shoes for two second-hand bicycles; fate and serendipity had put us in Utrecht, the Netherlands, our home for the foreseeable future. It’s funny how a country we never even considered as a stopping point became a possible denouement out of the blue, and within a few months, we’re here, settling into the daily rhythm of our new existence.

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